24 May 2017

Rachel S Story Portland's Homeless

Another story from the Crossing Borders Project - Portland's Homeless Project!  Rachel S. tells her story of her healing process from homelessness.  Enjoy.  And remember if you helped fund this project, you must contact me for your "reward"!  Thank you

Tara's Story Portland's Homeless-The Crossing Borders Project

A new Crossing Borders Project story from Tara in the Portland's Homeless project in Portland, Oregon.

She tells of her struggles of healing from homeless to walking a new path in life.  These are her images and words.  Enjoy!  Thank you for the support on Kickstarter and remember, if you want images as your reward for support, you must contact me!

11 December 2014

Exclusive: CNN Exposed! Caught Producing "State Sponsored News" in Bahrain

And no one ever believed me when I would tell them that I personally watched CNN staged and exaggerated events back in 2003.  It also tells me why mainstream media never really wanted to hire me, because they knew that I only wanted to tell the truth of what I found in my reporting.  No wonder the American mainstream media would not buy anything from me.  Yet, China, Europe and Russia would!

It tells you about the news in America and worldwide broadcasting from the mainstream.

Now, they want to categorize freelancers and "non reporters" no protected by the first amendment. Just remember who is funding mainstream, governments and corporations.

Dianne Feinstein First Amendment Is A Special Privilege

What is a real reporter?  ummm.

03 November 2014

Reporting on the warfront: The problem with ISIS

November 2, 2014 One wonders why there is not much reporting on the warfront, but from a distance and because of that we do not know very much about ISIS and what is really happening on the ground.  Journalists do not have many choices in reporting on this conflict, the options are to pledge allegiance with ISIS and go through their approval for release and at the same time risk your life with the U.S. drones that the US government has imposed that okay to have civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq. This means, even if they know that you are there, they will shoot anyway. Reporting from the front would be going on a suicide mission.

With increasing kidnappings and deaths of journalists worldwide, the respect for journalism and telling the story is just about a bye gone and that is dangerous for global citizens.

Here is a great article:
The Things we won't know about ISIS

02 November 2014

Guantanamo, smuggle secrets, Snowden

1 November 2014 Back in the days, someone asked if I release incriminating images and information about abuse in a Cuban prison. Back in the days, we did not have super encryption to protect the journalists or identity of another person leaking the information. Still today, I do not understand the technology needed to protect the whistle blower or myself from our governments view on journalism crime. Although, I must insert here, most of the information that whistle blowers decide to "leak out" are things that we the taxpayers and citizens of our world should know. You know, to help fight corruptions and be the "good" people and expose the "bad" As a good journalist, I felt that I needed to know my whistle blowers and verify his/her and information before I would write anything up and "leak" that information to major media outlets. Yet, there was nothing to protect us...at that time, at least that I was aware of. As a response, the person asked me again if I could help but I needed to meet him/her and see what they had. I did not have any protection to offer and as a result the person just sort of disappeared. A few months later, the images were released all over the world. Of course I thought to myself, dang...I could have been famous from that what did I do wrong? Yet, I was scared to move forward without protection, I knew what the government was capable of. If this happened to me, and I must insert I was more "visible" in those days during the pre-independent journalism phase of journalism which made me a person that someone like that would approach. What is it like for the independent journalist today? How do we learn to release information that we feel the public should know without having to move to another country and risk going to jail? I stumbled onto this great article: ED SNOWDEN TAUGHT ME TO SMUGGLE SECRETS PAST INCREDIBLE DANGER. NOW I TEACH YOU. Please read, if you are interested in this information