13 April 2012

Photography: Getting Started: What Camera to Buy?

Photography, Getting Started, What Camera to Buy
Susan Brannon
Buying a camera has nothing to do with a red Ferrari, but you can get "Ferrari" level cameras!  Photography can be one complicated hobby or career.  Lets look at the "art" of photography and forget about the career.  The first thing you will need to do is to decide on what camera to purchase.  To stay out of all the complicated and technical deciding factors, I will try to offer a simple process to help you to get on the right foot!

I want to offer my "advice" right away because photography and decision making can drive one crazy.  There is no need to go crazy here, take a breath, relax and enjoy the wonderful world of image making.  Most of you have already taking images with a point and shoot digital camera.  You may have received one as a gift as a child, or purchased one for that saved up holiday.  Now, you decided that you want to get a bit more serious about image taking.

  • All you need is a light weight, SRL digital camera.  They are medium in cost around $500.00 to $1,000 (without the lens)  I recommend a 17-55mm lens to start with. You will want to buy a haze protective filter for your lens, maybe a tripod , a case, a way to clean your lens and your off! (some are listed at the bottom)
Okay, you can also buy cameras that come in "kits"  they include the camera, and the lens. (what I listed on the bottom)

Quickly on type of lens, and what you will want to do:  Id you think that you will want to get into Sports, Travel, culture, landscape and nature will require you to purchase another lens in addition to the 17-55mm lens.  You will want a 55-200mm.

My advice?  Start from the perspective as a hobby, because most likely if you really get into it, you will continue buying equipment for the rest of your life.  Photography is catchy, like a bug and once you get that bug, you will never be able to put it down.  You will want to try different lens, work with lighting, maybe try a different style or create your own dark room.  The possibilities are endless in photography.  Start small and grow later.  You do not have to purchase that $5,000 camera right off the bat.

Now that was not to difficult was it?  The world of camera selling has made camera buying much less complicated for beginners with their kits. I will add more details, on types of lens for what types of photography, for when you will want to explore viewing the world through different lens.  (This means that you will have to stop by later, or sign up for my email updates!)

I am also testing something new to add to some of the postings, for this article..and my first time, I added a few camera's that I found online for you to click and view. I want to see if it really works!??

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