03 November 2014

Reporting on the warfront: The problem with ISIS

November 2, 2014 One wonders why there is not much reporting on the warfront, but from a distance and because of that we do not know very much about ISIS and what is really happening on the ground.  Journalists do not have many choices in reporting on this conflict, the options are to pledge allegiance with ISIS and go through their approval for release and at the same time risk your life with the U.S. drones that the US government has imposed that okay to have civilian casualties in Syria and Iraq. This means, even if they know that you are there, they will shoot anyway. Reporting from the front would be going on a suicide mission.

With increasing kidnappings and deaths of journalists worldwide, the respect for journalism and telling the story is just about a bye gone and that is dangerous for global citizens.

Here is a great article:
The Things we won't know about ISIS

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