13 July 2012

Poor Customer and Repair Service at Nikon

In light of the petition that I requested for my readers to sign, I thought that I would provide a link to the high amount of complaints regarding Nikon's service:


just keep scrolling down until you see the comments.
This is no joke.

Nikon Repair Parts Petition for USA

This is vital folks.  Nikon wants to stop selling Nikon camera parts to small mom and pop camera repair shops and would rather have the camera folks, send their cameras to Nikon for repair.  I can't stand this corporate money making plan that will destroy tons of business from the good ole folks who have been already struggling to stay open.  Just think, we will loose the good service that we receive from our fellow camera repair guys, the shops will start to close down and we will have to pay more to repair any problems with our Nikon lens's and camera's.  Not including extra payments for shipping, the extra time needed for the repairs and most likely shipping again because the problem was not really fixed...you know how we have to get things done two or three times these days with the large companies and the item just never comes back right?

Please sign this very important petition:


Thanks and oh! Please pass this on...there is a close deadline...like now!