West Bank Photo Tour

Susan is offering photojournalism workshops in The West Bank;  scroll down to view the description.
Send an email here to make a reservation or ask any questions. 
I am booking for July and October/November 2017!

This workshop is focused on photojournalism and telling stories through your lens.  This is not intended as a political workshop.  You will learn about ethics, the law, how to be culturally sensitive, developing your story, how to interview, gain contacts, censorship, journalism, and areas of dispute in journalism.  When you are finished with this workshop, you will be able to go into your own place in the world and develop your own stories to inform others about concerns and issues in your community.

Below is an example of a "Typical Workshop". if you are interested in other places/events I am very flexible.  I lived in this region for 10 years and in my past life was an archaeologist in Israel, so I can add a lot of history as we go along!  I set up 5 days to cover most of the area for the West Bank without running like a chicken and never stopping to talk with the locals and get a good look around.  It is best for the 5 day workshop, to set up 2 or more people to ensure being able to set up a date.

The West Bank/Palestine Photography Workshop:
Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah
Focus: Photojournalism, Street and documentary photography, culture
5 Full Days
Base:  Jerusalem
Cost: $1,500 per/person
min: 2
max: 8

You will be based in Jerusalem.  We will be visiting the West Bank towns near Jerusalem, viewing and walking along the wall, visiting refugee camps, possibly going to demonstrations, and near places of conflict.  You will also be talking to the locals so they can tell you their story, so you can tell a story in images. If any conflict events occur, we will grab our stuff and run out to capture real life current events.  In the evening, we can go to the local media hangout, to have some beer or wine with other journalists!

This schedule is a "suggested" schedule, because if any issues were to arise, we would need to remain flexible in order to capture the events.
Day 1:  You will get to know the E. Jerusalem area and the old city and two of the four quarters.  This helps you to get an overview of the culture in the area, and the food. This will be a full day, with a break for lunch and running into after sunset.

Day 2:  You will head off to Bethlehem and walk along the wall, and visit Aida Refugee Camp. 

Day 3:  You will head out to Hebron, and visit the famous pottery making factory and glass blowing factory then wonder into the city center.

Day 4:  You will travel to Ramallah into the city center and visit another refugee camp along the way.

Day 5:  A day for review and decide what the groups wants to see for the last day.

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