02 February 2012

Framing Your Subject: Quick Tips

Susan Brannon
There are various ways to "frame your subject"  Framing can help to draw the eyes through the image towards the subject.
Look for Items:
Search for items you can frame your subject with.  Ask yourself if you can use a tree, a slope, or a window frame. These items can be used to "frame your subject" for added quality to your image and help to draw the viewers eye into the subject.  You can look at the geometrics of the area.  For example, is there a line of bushes that lead towards your subject?  These are lines that lead or draw towards your subject and can have a powerful impact on your images.

Making Use of the Rule of Thirds

Described in a prior article, I discussed the use of the rule of thirds. By breaking up your frame into 9 equal boxes, you can place your subject matter in a more interesting location within the image.
Balance Your Image Elements
Look around and see if you have secondary elements to balance your image with while using the rule of thirds.

Now, go out and try it!
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