Tuscany Photo Tours

Workshops are set up for groups, unless I am in town and can do some private workshops.
I am currently booking for the fall of 2017 August/September.  If I already have a group going, sometimes I can add a few people into the group.
Tuscany and Italy Photo Workshops: 
Tuscany Castles and landscape
Chianti Region
Photojournalism or Street Photography
Florence and Rome City Photo Tours

For Chianti, we can offer a full one day landscape workshop or you can go all out with our five day workshop.  We will leave from our base point of Florence, Italy. Don't miss this tour, you will never forget it and come away with a lifetime of experience that you can take with you for great image taking. Email if you have any questions.

This is a fun tour with landscape, culture, wine and more culture! August/September are the most beautiful months for landscape when everything starts coming alive and the weather is perfect.

City Photography Tours:​
Florence or Rome
Cost: Half Day:
1 to 4 people: 250 Euros
5 to max of 8 : 50 Euros each additional person

Cost Full Day:
1-4 people: 425 Euros
5 to max of 9: 50 Euros each additional person

View the city through the lens, while you visit the most interesting places.  On our way to major interests, we will take you through alley ways, off the beaten path into places that most tourists do not find or know about.  Your photography instruction will be according to your interests and needs.  We will work with light, culture, shadows, architecture, landscape, cityscape, framing, angles and more!  You will walk away with prize wining images to remember your trip by!
We offer both group and private tours.  If you want to book with a group, if one is available when you are, all you need to do is to split the costs!

For the 5 day workshops (below) if you decide that you want to add street photography, it is advised for you to bring an incognito camera!  Unfortunately, we will not have a place to develop film, but you are more than welcome to bring a small film camera of any style...Holga, Lieca, rangefinder, point and shoot...or you can bring your small digital camera, so we can review the images throughout the workshop.  Many people are simply using their iphones along with their professional photographer companion just to hang out with us!

Tuscany Castles and Landscape
Focus:  Landscape, Nature, Travel, Culture
5 Full Days
Base:  Siena
Min: 1
Max: 6
This is our Tuscany Classic Tour. You will spend five glorious days traveling through the most beautiful parts of Tuscany.  We will venture down winding country backroads through small villages viewing the Tuscan landscape. You will sharpen your landscape and nature photo skills and visit small villas, castles and towns.

Chianti Region:
Tuscany: Chianti:
Full day:  425 Euros
Five days: 1,500 Euros
Firenze, San Gimignano,  Galluzo, Pozzolatico, and Impruneta.
Focus: Travel, Street and documentary photography
Base:  Firenze (Florence)
min: 1
max: 6
You will be based in Florence and use the city as your starting point: you will visit,  the Chianti region and San Gimignano,  Galluzo, Pozzolatico and Impruneta in the heart of Chianti.
Our workshop is intense, so be ready to wake up early in the morning to head out into the field.
You will learn different photography styles, and how to capture the best shots.  Your eye and framing your lens will be a main subject and any technical information that you may need. What you will need to bring, is listed after the daily program.

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