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There are many ways to help support independent journalism and freelance photographers like myself and the options (that I can think of) are listed below!

Prints and other things
You can purchase any of my images, in digital format, print (any size) framed or unframed, create a calender, make T-Shirts, coffee mugs and the list goes on...just click on this link: Susan's Smug Mug
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My Book: The Crossing Borders Project
This book are the results from a project in The West Bank of Israel, Aida Refugee Camp women, Ramallah Women and Ramallah Teens.  The Crossing Borders Project conducts photography workshops with groups who want to generate their own voices through documentary photography and tell their own stories rather than the mainstream media doing it for them. This project humanizes the human, reflecting realities on social and Human Rights injustices.  This book is 84 pages, full color images and soft bound, printed in Italy.  Please click on S. Brannon Photography website to preview the book and to order!  If you like any of the images in the book for print, please contact me  to inquire.  This is the first in many series regarding the results of The Crossing Borders Project.  Crossing Borders Book is now available in Digital for ipad, kindle etc...on Amazon

Take one of my Photography Workshops or Photo Tours
To view details of the Photo Tours or workshops click on S. Brannon Photography Workshops website
I currently am offering:
  • 1/2 day and full day photography tours in Florence and Rome, Italy
  • Three day workshops in Tuscany, Italy based in Florence
  • Five day workshops in Tuscany based in Siena or Florence; in Israel and Photojournalism workshops in the West Bank.
Take one of my Eight week courses:  S. Brannon Photography Courses

Hire Me!
I currently work under contract for non-profit organizations to assist with visibility, media, and communications.  If you are a company who would like some assistance, please contact me.
I have worked for the World Bank, various United Nations Agencies, Reuters, Ap, ANERA, A-Mid East,  Lutheran Foundation,  Eritaj Foundation, World Trade Center and have been published worldwide.

Sign up for Photography Workshops:
I conduct a specially designed photography identity workshops for non-profits; corporations, small groups and families.  The workshops run 6 weeks meeting once a week.  I have conducted these workshops in Haiti, Bosnia, The West Bank, Italy, Elderly Residential Center, and the Homeless.

Please contact me for more information or any questions.  The workshops can be a great project for your NGO in generating visibility, identity and developing projects through the use of empowerment and participation.

Purchase some images, mouse pad, t-shirts, a calendar or other fun stuff:
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