28 June 2017

American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t"

I had to put this on my blog...why?  Because as a previous photojournalist covering international conflicts...I was always told that I was an activist not a reporter (yes, by mainstream news folks) However, I was always saying that CNN and other mainstream outlets were not actually reporting the reality of the events that they were covering.  I even asked a CNN reporter (in Israel) how could they do what they are doing?  His reply? "Well, that is what our editors want, I don't care if it is true or not".

In the end, I was blacklisted by news outlets that would pay a salary, running around trying to survive while reporting the reality of events, ethically sound.  As time went by, more independent news reporters were able to generate visibility and funding to actually do good work and develop a team and...survive.

Because of the death threats towards myself and mocking from news agencies, I had to walk away from my love of reporting and do something else.  It is still in my blood, thus the reason for this blog.  It is sort of an outlet to me and to keep in tune with political events that effect the very lives of citizens across the world.

This is real proof for CNN's false news intended to gather ratings..that equals more money in advertising.  At what point do independent's stay savvy?  I have already seen some independent's compromise real reporting (that is what I call it) to stay on top and gather ratings.  Yes, ratings are importing to put food in your mouth.

There must be a way to report real news while not going hungry with the temptation to compromise.

Great work Project  Veritas!