18 November 2012

Sell Prints

SELL PRINTS -- 7 Ways Erica Siciliano: “One of the biggest challenges for photographers is getting their work seen by people who are interested in buying it. Online galleries and marketplaces offer a number of benefits to photographers including reaching a new audience, and printing, packaging and shipping the work after it's sold. Check out seven websites that help both up-and-coming and seasoned shooters reach buyersaround the world.” http://www.pdnonline.com/features/7-Ways-to-Sell-Your--6935.shtml 

David Byrne had his award Revoked

Landscape Photographer Has Award Revoked For Excessive Editing - Tim Barribeau: David Byrne had his title of Take a View Landscape Photographer of the Yearstripped after his images were shown to be edited beyond the rules of the competition. Earlier in 2012, photographer David Byrne was awarded the title Landscape Photographer of the Year by the organization Take a View, but it has since come out that the shots that Byrne took were so heavily edited — and potentially even plagiarized — that the title has been stripped and awarded to another photographer. The image that won Byrne the prize is above, and the takedown of the photographer has been widespread. A lot of it started with Alex Neil, who posted about how the winning photograph was heavily influenced by other work. The allegations of heavy handed editing started to pop up in discussion forums, and Tim Parkin did an analysis of how the light sources inside some of the photos were inconsistent. As debate spread, it became clear that Byrne was heavilyediting/compositing the images. If you hit that Alex Neil link, and head to the section "Updated again!", there's a particularly damning animated GIF that shows just how heavily things were altered in another shot that Byrne entered.
Note: Byrne later reported that he “didn’t thoroughly read the ‘Take A View’ rules."