Mentorship and Course Work

Susan has developed photography course work that covers several topics to help improve your photography skills, you will receive one to one guidance and critiques directly with Susan via the internet.  She has taught and mentored individuals for over 10 years in photography and has opened her schedule to teach others!

There are not set dates for starting the classes and all you have to do is to email with an inquiry, set up the start date and get going for a full 8 week ride of taking hundreds of images!  You will receive:

  • One to One Mentorship
  • 24 Hour contact availability
  • Skype or Google Talk conversations
  • 16 Lessons for an Eight week course
  • Personal photo reviewing and critiques

Beginning photography
8 weeks
One to one
Price:  $350.00
This course covers topics that are needed in understanding and developing photography skills:
manual control
exposure control

Intermediate Photography
8 weeks
one to one
Price:  $350.00
You will go into more depth expanding on the beginning topics to sharpen your skills and help you to "find your style".  You will be expected to provide a short portfolio of your work before being accepted at this level.

Beginning Photojournalism I
8 weeks
one to one
Price:  $350.00
You will walk into the photojournalism world for 8 weeks of dedicated hard work focusing on:

For this course it will be expected that you will already know how to use your camera.  You will be asked to submit a portfolio of your work before acceptance into this course.

Photojournalism II
8 weeks
one to one
Price:  $350.00
This course takes photojournalism a step further covering journalism topics in depth:
citizen journalism
how to get the stories
mainstream or independent:  What's the difference?
Truth telling or activism?

For this course you will have already taken Photojournalism I, either with Susan or someone else.  If you have taken photojournalism somewhere else, you must provide us with a portfolio, samples of your photojournalism work and list where you took this course.

Getting Published:  Getting Out there
8 weeks
one to one
Price:  $500.00

Susan will help you to "walk the walk", develop your professional portfolio and mentor you through the beginning stages of starting your career.  This course is fluid, depending on your personal goals and location.

Personal Mentorship
Fees are based on need and time consideration to help you achieve your goal.

Are you feeling that you need to sharpen some skills but are not sure where to sharpen them?  Do you need guidance with Photoshop or Lightbox, work with lighting or want to explore in depth documentary or street photography?  Susan can help guide and motivate you in your next step in photography wether it be professional or a hobby.  She can review your website, offer feedback, help you to develop your portfolio, think of story ideas, sharpen various technical skills or just offer you a push with assignments to get you going.

If you are interested in Course work or mentorship please contact Susan at for more information.

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