22 July 2011

Tips for Travel Photography

Susan Brannon
30 July 2011
Tips for Travel Photography

So, you want to travel the world and take great shots while you’re at it!  Traveling around the world is one thing, taking great images is another…and selling your images is quite a different story!

Every place has its own look, culture, and lighting.  Your images should capture all the qualities and the images should say something about the place.  Our photographs should create memories, those that may be forgotten, the moment when you see your first glorious monument, of mountain to climb.  When you look at your images, you will want to remember those moments as you did when you first saw it.  In order to capture that moment, we need to think, feel and look at the setting when we are about to take the photographs.  In spite of our physical and mental preparation, knowing and understanding the culture here are a few things that may help:

•    Take a polarizing Filter- My moto, “Never leave home without it” This reduces reflections, darkens a blue sky while allowing the white clouds to stand out. They also take away the haze.  I like them for desert areas and water areas!
•    Bring a wide -angle zoom – another moto?  Never try to take a landscape image without it!  Set your lens at 17mm and your f-stop at 11.  You will get the best depth-of field.  I like the f/2.8’s they are flexible and I can shoot both indoors and outdoors.
•    Bring a telephoto Zoom- this helps with people images, documentary and isolating a part of a landscape.  You can cut out the clutter on a crowded street when you want to focus on one beautiful subject.
•    Walk to out of the way places, down alleyways, don’t eat at tourist places, get out there into the local crowd.  Stay out late and always have your camera with you and always keep your eyes open.
•    Keep track of when things happen.  For example, you may be in a spot that is too crowded to take an image.  Remember the time and go back at another time to take your shots.  Find out when the sun rises and goes down.  These are the best times to capture a beautiful glow in your image by using the natural light.
•    You must make time for your photography.  If you are with a tour group, it will be difficult to take quick wonderful shots.  You need to travel with people who will wait for you and let you take your images.
•    Read up on how to photography landscape, people and street photography before leaving.  You will want to know how to take all types of shots.
•    Always, always, always…use this rule of thumb: when you see what you think might be a nice shot…walk one meter to your left, to your right, forward and backwards, up and down.  Most likely, you will find a better shot.
•    Good image taking requires patience; I will say this again, good image taking requires patience.  Wait for the right moment.  Wait again.  You will have to wait for the people to move, the light to change, the bird to land on the tree branch.  Waiting and patience are the keys to good image taking.

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